We are nearly there. It is almost 2 years since Reading Phoenix Choir’s last Annual
Concert and a year on from when we originally planned to announce the winners of
the 2020 Walter Hussey Composition Competition.
The 1st and 2nd prize winners have been selected by our panel of judges from the 6
finalists and those winners will be announced at Reading Phoenix Choir’s New
Horizons concert in the Great Hall at the University of Reading on Saturday 5th
Running a composition competition is a lengthy process, but when this competition
began none of us anticipated that it would take quite this long to reach the final
stage. We hope that everyone’s enjoyment of the winning piece will in no way be
diminished by the wait; indeed we hope that everyone will be even more inspired by
the new horizons that it now evokes.
Following the announcement at the concert and the performance of the world
premiere of the winning piece to the live audience, further information will be made
available via social media including details of a recording of the new composition and
an interview with the composer.