Q: What do you mean by the theme of ‘New Horizons’?

A: We do not want to be prescriptive about the theme. However, the intention is that it should be used as inspiration for your composition. The theme of ‘New Horizons’ was chosen with thoughts of both encouraging the musicians of the future and looking forwards. We hope that by choosing a very broad scope, young composers will feel able to be as inventive and creative with the theme as they desire. 


Below are the FAQs from the 2018 competition…
Q: My composition is more than 3 minutes long, can I still submit it?

A: Yes, as long as it isn’t too much longer as Reading Phoenix Choir will learn to sing the winning piece from memory. The time limit guidance has been set to ensure there is sufficient time for the choir to be able to learn, memorise, and perform the piece to a high standard in time for the scheduled premiere performance in March 2019. The more complex the piece, the closer to 3 minutes it will need to be!

Q: Should my composition include accompaniment?

A: Reading Phoenix Choir perform mostly a capella music and so this would fit best with the style of the choir. However, if you feel your piece benefits from accompaniment then do include it but please bear in mind that this should be piano only. Rehearsal piano accompaniment can also be included if you think it necessary.

Q: How do I submit my entry?

A: To submit your entry please email the electronic score, along with a digital sound file and any additional pronunciation or translation details to info@walterhussey.com. For the full rules of entry please visit www.walterhussey.com/rules.

Q: Do I really need to send a digital sound file with my score?

A: Yes. It will help our judges to get a feel for the piece in the initial rounds of judging.

Q: Does the digital sound file need to sound like choral voices?

A: We do not mind which sound or instrument you use for your digital file as long as we can clearly hear the detail of the composition.

Q: Do I need to anonymise my composition for submission?

A: No, it is not necessary to anonymise your entry for the Walter Hussey Composition Competition.